Friday, December 31, 2010

starting out...

I started this lowly blog back in September and haven't written a thing.
I wasn't sure what to write.
I didn't know if anyone would read it. still not sure on that.
I knew I wanted to write what deals I found or heard of, but I didn't want to feel redundant to the large and lovely blogs out in the cyber world.
Today I had to take my middle child in to the doctor-where my hubby works-and one of the darling techs comes right in the room and asks,
"are you going to teach a couponing class?"
I'm no one. I don't know near as much as those previously mentioned lovely blogs.
I realized as I left the office that my husband must have been pretty proud of me and my savings, sometimes crazy ways, to save us money and has been talking about it at work to all those women who are trying to save a buck here and there. goes.
As I ring in the New Year, I will post those deals I find, see and hear about it.
I will share those fun and exciting moments of saving MORE than a buck!
I will find time in my schedule and teach a coupon class or two and get more locals thrilled with the coupon "bug".
I might even share some recipes and fun things to do with those items that can be found at such a tremendous price!!
I will do it.
And not fret.

Mamma Llamma