Monday, May 23, 2011

Coupon Class

I will be holding a basic "How to Coupon" class in the next week. There are so many people asking that I share some of the secrets that I have decided to hold a class.

June 1st
My house

If you are interested or have been wondering how this is all done and want to know if it's right for you, come on over! It will be a night of much information. Bring your paper and pens to take notes and an open mind to wrap around what all this goodness is about! Bring your questions too!!!

Email me for directions, if you need them:
ttmom 42 at yahoo dot com

Double deals

So I headed to Albertsons about 7 hours later than I had planned, but was still able to catch every deal PLUS more than I had planned. I headed to the Broadway store-they were the only ones that had the Emerald Breakfast to-go boxes in the store. I was able to do 12 transactions and paid tax only on all but ONE of the transactions (I purchased the Chinet plates for $.50/ea, so I paid an extra dollar on top of the tax in that transaction).

I purchased:
6-breakfast to-go boxes
4-ronzoni garden delight pasta
2-chinet plates
1-kikkoman teryiaki sauce
1-kikkoman soy sauce
5-zone perfect bars-note that the coupon states one coupon per transaction, so I actually ended up having to buy 5 in a row, since I didn't read the fine print ahead of time-oops.
2-stride 5 gum

almost every item was purchased with an online coupon (except 5 of the breakfast to-go). so anyone could jump on this and get these items.

Fred Meyer

Some wonderful friends from church shared an amazingly awesome deal that I just had to go do and must share!!

3-Banana Boat sunscreen (all varieties)
use in-store coupon $4
pay $16(and some change,sorry can't remember exactly)
receive a $10 catalina

you may use this catalina on another set of 3 sunscreen or any other purchase you choose.

Essentially you are paying 6.something for THREE bottles of sunscreen! Awesome!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Oral-B Advantage

A few weeks ago, there was a sale at Smith's for free Oral-B toothbrushes. They were a hot item, so by the time I went there wasn't any. For some strange reason, I headed to Walmart (I rarely shop there) and found the same toothbrush regular price $1.97 and we have a $2 coupon! Overage, not matter how big or small, is always fun to have. They only had one that day-which I did purchase, but I went in later today and found them completely restocked!

**Please note, the coupon is P&G, so you may only use 4 like coupons per transaction. It also expires 4/30, so you will need to act somewhat quickly.**

Happy shopping!

I Spy... scheduled coupons to come out in the Sunday paper. There are rarely coupon inserts scheduled for Holiday weekends.
I will not be putting my paper on hold for the day since there is always a chance to get a surprise coupon or two. That, and I am A-OK with recycling.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A lot in one...

this was the craziest week I've had in loooong time...anyway, I hope to be back with a few more posts each week instead of the one last time with no real direction-sorry about that.

So there are to be doublers in the paper tomorrow for Albertsons. I haven't really looked around to see what the hot items are, but I'm pretty sure there will be some good ones. there were, even without doublers, so there will be plenty more.

Walgreens will have the store brand diapers B1G1 priced at $8.99 There is a $2/1 coupon in the Walgreens coupon book (which can be found at the front, right when you walk in), use that, it will automatically take it off twice and you will be paying $2.50 per package! If you are not a diaper-snob, this is the BEST stock up price I've seen in a very long time. I have never personally used this brand (have you??), but have heard they fit similar to huggies, but for this price, I am A-OK trying it out, I hope I can snag 4 packages...we'll see the stock on Monday morning.

I hope I can get some ideas for the doublers up here soon. If you get any crazy, awesome scenarios post them up!! I would love to hear what you come up with!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Albertsons Doublers

I have heard confirmed that there will be 7-days of doubling starting Wednesday at Albertsons!
Now to find where to get a few extra doublers ;) I only get one paper on Wednesday and the store may or may not hand out doubler sheets at the customer can always ask, just know you may not walk out with an extra.

On I have seen that there is a new coupon for $.75/2 taco bell refried beans...I understand that you will be able to score those at Albertsons for $.25 a can! after doubler! Yeah!!

I will keep you posted on the hottest Albertsons deals as soon as I hear of some.

Walgreens This WEEK

I've been MIA for no real reason...except that I haven't really shopped to bring live scenarios...lame excuse. Darn it.


I can make it up to you.

Went to Walgreens today and came out sitting quite pretty.
Got $6 RR in my pocket-all money made off my THREE transactions! one of the BEST days I've ever had at WAGS-I'm a teensy bit proud of myself

Transaction #1:
4 Vicks products $5
use $3/2 (exp. 1/31)
use $3RR from last week
one pencil (filler)

Subtotal: $11.39
Received: $10 RR
**Obviously some of these coupons expired today, but if you have the $4/1 sinex coupons and your store has those in stock, you will only pay $1 OOP. Otherwise, check yesterdays inserts, I'm guessing there will be something dayquil/nyquil related (I haven't looked yet, since I still could use the coupons I already had cut)**

Transaction #2:
Arnicare Gel $5.99
Aussie Shampoo $2.99
Aussie styling product $2.99
Nail polish (filler)
use B1G1 Aussie (exp. 1/31)
use $10 RR from scenario #1

Subtotal: .97
Received: $5 RR (arnicare) and $1RR (Aussie)
**This one may have only really worked today, I do not know if there was another fancy B1G1 Q that came out yesterday**

Transaction #3:
Dove deodorant or body mist 4/$15
use 4-$2/1 (from 1/30 PG insert)
pencil (filler)
use $6RR from scenario #2

Subtotal: 1.39
Received $5RR

I noticed (in my reading on the web) that there is an unadvertised Quaker Oats RR deal. If you purchase 5 quick oats, you get a $3.50RR which makes the tubs only $.84 a piece! That's pretty good.

There was also a coupon that came out yesterday for B1G1 Olay Total Effects body wash {get} Olay complete moisturizer (value up to $6) get a $2RR from it.

Let me know what you ended up getting and how well you did! It's always a thrill to save, but even more of a thrill to earn! Enjoy your shopping this week!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tree-Top Applesauce Coupon

print this twice per computer.

Tree-Top Applesauce Coupon

Gas prices

I was in desperate need for gas last night and discovered that gas had jumped almost TEN cents overnight!! YIKES! I headed to my local Smiths where I had just earned $.05 off and filled up ad $2.72...only to discover that the Dad's affiliate on Hitt and Yellowstone was still at $2.69-no discount card needed! Grrr. Oh well, just letting you know that if you need gas, go there before they decide to raise their price...I just got by at 11am and they were still at the $2.69 price.

Albertsons Doubles 1/12-1/15

I headed out to Albertsons this morning hoping to get some extra doublers and take advantage of a few sales and catalinas that are running.
I made it to the Ammon store and was unable to get extra doubles so I did one transaction there.

This is what I got:
2 Swiss Miss cocoa $2.69
$2/1 printable
gone now I think
6 Kellogg's cereal $2.50
use $1/2 printable, but I can't get it to load now, so I'm not sure exactly
3 gallons milk $2.19
Free when you purchase 6 participating Kellogg's cereal
clearance napkins/paper plates/gift tags $.19/ea.

Doubled the Kellogg's coupons.

OOP: 10.42
**I discovered after I paid and got home that the swiss miss actually rang up as $1, but the coupon came off as $2...unforseen mistake**

Also, take note, the milk is free up to $6 and it is an automatic deduction done at the register, so you don't have to buy the milk, but you might as well-it's FREE!! If you don't think you will use it, I'm sure you have a neighbor that may just need a gallon today, but doesn't want to drive out in the snow...
I headed to the store on 17th to see if they would hand out any doubles. I found my items first and then asked, since it was so slow, I wasn't worried about causing a fuss. (the 17th store is known to be generous with handing out doubles) I was able to score one per cashier, so I got two more.

Transaction #1:
6 Campbell soup (tomato or chicken noodle) $.39
4Honey nut cheerios
2 Lucky charms
use $1/2 printable
double three
OOP: 9.92
received 3 free boxes of nature valley granola bars at $3.49 ea

**This catalina was supposed to print at the register, but it didn't, so I headed to customer service and they helped me get them-a value of $ WHICH also triggered a $1.50 catalina! Woot!!**

Transaction #2:
3 carnation instant breakfast $3.99
use $1/1 from 1/3 (i think)
double 3
OOP: 5.97
received a $1.50 catalina

I hope this helps you get some ideas how to use your coupons and doubles. The doubles run through Saturday, so you have a few days. The stores were well stocked on all the items I purchased.
I may head back out Friday morning or sometime Saturday to see if I can obtain any more doubles, there are a few more deals that could be had...maybe. Let me know how you do and what you get...I love hearing other scenarios!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Albertsons Double Ideas PLUS Scenarios

Just to name a few great deals to take advantage of before midnight tomorrow, in no particular order. I don't have a lot of the links for the online coupons, I found all of them on Fabulessly Frugal, my very favorite site!! And because I just started this, I don't have dates or references to the inserts of most coupons, I just know the ones from yesterday. I am sorry. Most are going to be from the end of Nov. through Dec. I hope to get better at this as times goes on. Anyway...

Kellogg's Fiberplus cereal $2
use $1/2 (from a coupon insert, sorry don't know which or where)
use $1/1 printable

Tyson breaded chicken $4.99
use $1/1

Pace picante sauce $1.50-1.99
use .50/2 or use the in-store MF coupon

wonderful pistachios $4.99
use $1/1

yoplait yogurt $.50
use .50/8 GM 1/2
or .40/6 GM 1/2
or .50/4 printable

softsoap liquid $.99
use $.35/1 SS 1/2

Buy 10, get $2 automatic discount
snack paks $1/$.80 after discount
use $.60/3 SS 1/2

chef boyardee $1/$.80
use $.60/3 (I think it is-I don't have my coupons in front of me)

Buy $20, get $5 catalina
Nyquil/Dayquil/Sinex $5.99
use $4/1
or $3/2

Crest ProHealth $2.50
use $.75/1

Electrosol/Finish 20 ct. Gelpacs or Tablets $2.99
use $2.25/1 SS 1/2

Scenario #1:
3 softsoap $.99
use 3-$.35/1
use 3 doublers
OOP: $.90

Scenario #2:
3 Sinex
1 Crest ProHealth toothpaste
use 3-$4/1
use 1-$.75/1
OOP: $6.97
get back: $5
total: $1.97

Remember, if your store is out of product, you can get a rain check for the item. I assume most stores will be out of the dish detergent and possibly the softsoap, so that is what I will be doing.

Happy shopping!
Let me know what you find.

Mamma Llamma