Monday, May 23, 2011

Double deals

So I headed to Albertsons about 7 hours later than I had planned, but was still able to catch every deal PLUS more than I had planned. I headed to the Broadway store-they were the only ones that had the Emerald Breakfast to-go boxes in the store. I was able to do 12 transactions and paid tax only on all but ONE of the transactions (I purchased the Chinet plates for $.50/ea, so I paid an extra dollar on top of the tax in that transaction).

I purchased:
6-breakfast to-go boxes
4-ronzoni garden delight pasta
2-chinet plates
1-kikkoman teryiaki sauce
1-kikkoman soy sauce
5-zone perfect bars-note that the coupon states one coupon per transaction, so I actually ended up having to buy 5 in a row, since I didn't read the fine print ahead of time-oops.
2-stride 5 gum

almost every item was purchased with an online coupon (except 5 of the breakfast to-go). so anyone could jump on this and get these items.

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