Monday, May 23, 2011

Coupon Class

I will be holding a basic "How to Coupon" class in the next week. There are so many people asking that I share some of the secrets that I have decided to hold a class.

June 1st
My house

If you are interested or have been wondering how this is all done and want to know if it's right for you, come on over! It will be a night of much information. Bring your paper and pens to take notes and an open mind to wrap around what all this goodness is about! Bring your questions too!!!

Email me for directions, if you need them:
ttmom 42 at yahoo dot com

Double deals

So I headed to Albertsons about 7 hours later than I had planned, but was still able to catch every deal PLUS more than I had planned. I headed to the Broadway store-they were the only ones that had the Emerald Breakfast to-go boxes in the store. I was able to do 12 transactions and paid tax only on all but ONE of the transactions (I purchased the Chinet plates for $.50/ea, so I paid an extra dollar on top of the tax in that transaction).

I purchased:
6-breakfast to-go boxes
4-ronzoni garden delight pasta
2-chinet plates
1-kikkoman teryiaki sauce
1-kikkoman soy sauce
5-zone perfect bars-note that the coupon states one coupon per transaction, so I actually ended up having to buy 5 in a row, since I didn't read the fine print ahead of time-oops.
2-stride 5 gum

almost every item was purchased with an online coupon (except 5 of the breakfast to-go). so anyone could jump on this and get these items.

Fred Meyer

Some wonderful friends from church shared an amazingly awesome deal that I just had to go do and must share!!

3-Banana Boat sunscreen (all varieties)
use in-store coupon $4
pay $16(and some change,sorry can't remember exactly)
receive a $10 catalina

you may use this catalina on another set of 3 sunscreen or any other purchase you choose.

Essentially you are paying 6.something for THREE bottles of sunscreen! Awesome!