Monday, May 23, 2011

Fred Meyer

Some wonderful friends from church shared an amazingly awesome deal that I just had to go do and must share!!

3-Banana Boat sunscreen (all varieties)
use in-store coupon $4
pay $16(and some change,sorry can't remember exactly)
receive a $10 catalina

you may use this catalina on another set of 3 sunscreen or any other purchase you choose.

Essentially you are paying 6.something for THREE bottles of sunscreen! Awesome!


  1. hey T. what store is this at?

  2. lol. never mind just saw the TITLE of your post. disregard:) i like your blog!

  3. thanks. i need to post more and be a little more professional ;)

  4. Actually, *I* personally like the more personal touch of your blog :)