Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Albertsons Doubles 1/12-1/15

I headed out to Albertsons this morning hoping to get some extra doublers and take advantage of a few sales and catalinas that are running.
I made it to the Ammon store and was unable to get extra doubles so I did one transaction there.

This is what I got:
2 Swiss Miss cocoa $2.69
$2/1 printable
gone now I think
6 Kellogg's cereal $2.50
use $1/2 printable, but I can't get it to load now, so I'm not sure exactly
3 gallons milk $2.19
Free when you purchase 6 participating Kellogg's cereal
clearance napkins/paper plates/gift tags $.19/ea.

Doubled the Kellogg's coupons.

OOP: 10.42
**I discovered after I paid and got home that the swiss miss actually rang up as $1, but the coupon came off as $2...unforseen mistake**

Also, take note, the milk is free up to $6 and it is an automatic deduction done at the register, so you don't have to buy the milk, but you might as well-it's FREE!! If you don't think you will use it, I'm sure you have a neighbor that may just need a gallon today, but doesn't want to drive out in the snow...
I headed to the store on 17th to see if they would hand out any doubles. I found my items first and then asked, since it was so slow, I wasn't worried about causing a fuss. (the 17th store is known to be generous with handing out doubles) I was able to score one per cashier, so I got two more.

Transaction #1:
6 Campbell soup (tomato or chicken noodle) $.39
4Honey nut cheerios
2 Lucky charms
use $1/2 printable
double three
OOP: 9.92
received 3 free boxes of nature valley granola bars at $3.49 ea

**This catalina was supposed to print at the register, but it didn't, so I headed to customer service and they helped me get them-a value of $ WHICH also triggered a $1.50 catalina! Woot!!**

Transaction #2:
3 carnation instant breakfast $3.99
use $1/1 from 1/3 (i think)
double 3
OOP: 5.97
received a $1.50 catalina

I hope this helps you get some ideas how to use your coupons and doubles. The doubles run through Saturday, so you have a few days. The stores were well stocked on all the items I purchased.
I may head back out Friday morning or sometime Saturday to see if I can obtain any more doubles, there are a few more deals that could be had...maybe. Let me know how you do and what you get...I love hearing other scenarios!

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