Monday, January 31, 2011

Walgreens This WEEK

I've been MIA for no real reason...except that I haven't really shopped to bring live scenarios...lame excuse. Darn it.


I can make it up to you.

Went to Walgreens today and came out sitting quite pretty.
Got $6 RR in my pocket-all money made off my THREE transactions! one of the BEST days I've ever had at WAGS-I'm a teensy bit proud of myself

Transaction #1:
4 Vicks products $5
use $3/2 (exp. 1/31)
use $3RR from last week
one pencil (filler)

Subtotal: $11.39
Received: $10 RR
**Obviously some of these coupons expired today, but if you have the $4/1 sinex coupons and your store has those in stock, you will only pay $1 OOP. Otherwise, check yesterdays inserts, I'm guessing there will be something dayquil/nyquil related (I haven't looked yet, since I still could use the coupons I already had cut)**

Transaction #2:
Arnicare Gel $5.99
Aussie Shampoo $2.99
Aussie styling product $2.99
Nail polish (filler)
use B1G1 Aussie (exp. 1/31)
use $10 RR from scenario #1

Subtotal: .97
Received: $5 RR (arnicare) and $1RR (Aussie)
**This one may have only really worked today, I do not know if there was another fancy B1G1 Q that came out yesterday**

Transaction #3:
Dove deodorant or body mist 4/$15
use 4-$2/1 (from 1/30 PG insert)
pencil (filler)
use $6RR from scenario #2

Subtotal: 1.39
Received $5RR

I noticed (in my reading on the web) that there is an unadvertised Quaker Oats RR deal. If you purchase 5 quick oats, you get a $3.50RR which makes the tubs only $.84 a piece! That's pretty good.

There was also a coupon that came out yesterday for B1G1 Olay Total Effects body wash {get} Olay complete moisturizer (value up to $6) get a $2RR from it.

Let me know what you ended up getting and how well you did! It's always a thrill to save, but even more of a thrill to earn! Enjoy your shopping this week!

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